Emotive-Voice-in-Music-Theatre-pageMusic Theatre performance is about finding the balance between body, sound, thought, text, music and emotion.

This workshop is about linking body awareness with spoken and sung emotive text.

This workshop will include the exploration of current approaches to Music Theatre singing.

Emotive voice qualities will be discussed and explored, including the emotional range in qualities such as ‘belt’, ‘speech’, ‘accent’ and ‘legit’. Participation is optional, fun and highly recommended.

Within a supportive environment, attendees will further their knowledge, recap and share ideas, and explore their own performance journey.

ANATS members and non members (16yrs and over) alike are invited to attend this event in the application and teaching of this ever-evolving field.

In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to work with an accompanist (Terence Koo), for participants who may wish to sing a Music Theatre piece and experiment with some of the ideas explored earlier in the day..

Those wishing to perform in the Masterclass can submit their music to the Newcastle representative, Julie Wilson (juliepetawilson@gmail.com) by May 9th for prior viewing.


Participants should wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a towel and paperback book for the morning session.


9:30-10:00am Registration

10:00-11:15am Introduction & Physical Warm Up
Preparing the body for Music Theatre including relaxation, stretching, breathing, voicing, articulation and text work

11:15-11:30am Morning Tea (provided)

11:30-12:30pm Breath, Accent and Emotive Voice
Exchanging ideas and experimenting with emotive voicing

12:30-1:00pm Q & A Session

1:00-2:00pm Lunch (BYO or short walk to local cafes)


2:00-4:00pm Performance and Vocal Play

4:00pm Close